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Book Review February 2019

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Hello Sugarbook Lovers,

Just a quick note about our book reviews.  We would like to state that we typically do not give a synopsis of the books we read along with our reviews.  This is mainly because you can go to “a million” different sites where you can read the synopsis.  Also, the reviews that we give are the opinions of the members of this book club and we do not want to influence anyone’s decision to read or not to read a book.  We want you to read the books…we would even love to get your opinion on the books.  If you would like us to include a synopsis of the books, comment below and we will see about making that happen.

Having said all of that, last weekend was our monthly meeting where we discussed two books, as usual.  The books that we read for the month of February were: 99 Percent Mine by Sally Thorne and Reckless by Skye Jordan.

99 Percent Mine by Sally Thorne

99 percent mine

Everyone did not like this book.  We didn’t like that the book was entirely form Darcy’s point of view – her thoughts were confusing and all over the place.  We didn’t like the siblings relationship – were did the competition and meanness come from.  We didn’t like how they treated Tom like a lost puppy that they found and brought home – then they were competing for his affection and attention.  It was actually sad because we were a fan of the others other book, The Hating Game.  It was a unanimous vote of 0 smoochies.

Reckless by Skye Jordan


There were mixed reviews for this book.  Some DNF and some did.  It was hated that they wouldn’t communicate with each other. The heroine was frustrating for not explaining the reason for her fears.  The hero frustrated us because he didn’t explain who he really was and why he had so many Hollywood connections.  They assumed and knowing what they say about that, that’s exactly what happened.  They were asses (in some opinions). It took so long to get to the true romance because of their hang ups.  They were both acting too scared for too long.  Now, based on what was just written, it seems like we didn’t like the book, and that would be a misconception.  We did like it.   Enough even to start the next book (some of have read or are reading it), but then there were a few that did not like it or thought it was just okay.  Because of all of these factors, we gave the book 2.3 smoochies. 💋💋.3


That’s all for this month’s review.  Comment below to tell us your thoughts of these books if you have read them, we would love to hear your opinions.  Next month we will be reading two books by Lauren Blakely, Once Upon a Real Good Time and Big Rock.  Take some time out to give them a try and let us know what you thought.  Until next time.





What Came Out This Week (11/26)

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Hello Sugarbook Lovers,

We hope that you had a great Thanksgiving Holiday and enjoyed your friends and family as well as great food.  Due to the holiday last week, we didn’t post new books out for the week.  This week we’ll attempt to give you what came out last week and this week. Enjoy.

Week of 11/19:

Grace Burrowes – Respect for Christmas

Sidney Halston – [Panic 04] – What About Us

Elisabeth Naughton – [Deadly Secrets 04] – Unspeakable

Lori Foster – [Road to Love 01] – Driven to Distraction

Julia Quinn – [Rokesbys 03] -The Other Miss Bridgerton

Vivian Arend – [Stones of Heart Falls 03] – A Rancher’s Bride

Elin Peer – [The Men of the North] – The Athlete


Week of 11/26:

            Aurora Rose Reynolds – [Until Him 03] – Until Cobi

            Kristen Proby – [With Me in Seattle 11] – Love With Me

            Laurann Dohner – [Vorage Crew 04] – Raff

            Terri Anne Browning – [The Vitucci Mafiosos 04] – Her Mafioso King

            Kendall Ryan – [Whiskey Kisses 05] – Hunky Heartbreaker


Please keep in mind that these are books that we are interested in reading and will probably read.  If there is something out there that you would like to recommend, please pass on the info.  We would love to hear from you.  Happy reading.




Book Review for April 2019

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This month we had three books to read:  In a Badger Way by Shelley Laurenston, Vengeance Road by Christine Feehan, and Driven to Distraction by Lori Foster. 

40016214  Vengeance Road (Torpedo Ink #2)  37264612

We read Driven to Distraction in preparation of the second book of the series that we will read next month that we will be have for our book discussion at the Reader and Author Get Together.  This was the story of  Mary Daniels and Brody Crews.  You are introduced to Mustang Transport Courier Service, a courier service.  Surprising this was not a favorite in the Lori Foster library.  The heroine in these book was not liked by majority of us. And the hero came across as juvenile.  We loved the dog, Howler.  Was the bag guy really the bad guy?  We want the the bad guys book where he gets with Brody’s mother to come out. One reader felt that this book was really not too bad, she stated that she has read this book before and not gotten unset or frustrated.  “I’ve read worse”, is what she stated.  Having said that, this book received 2.5 smooches.  smoochies[1]smoochies[1]

Vengeance Road is the 2nd book in the Torpedo Ink series that is a spinoff of the Sisters of the Heart and Drake Sisters series.  This is the story of Steel, the second in command of the Torpedo Ink biker club and Breezy, the daughter of a member of a biker gang that Torpedo Ink had taken down in the past..  This book was enjoyed by most.  Christine Feehan is known for having very alpha men that can be thought to be walking a very thin line between alpha and controlling.  This was something that was irritating to some of us.  Others have come to understand that that is the nature of these books as well as the author.  The world of cut-throat bikers can be much, but you really love the way Torpedo Ink is dangerous in a way that is trying to be helpful to the disadvantaged and looking to positively insert themselves into the community.  We were on pins and needles waiting on the rescue and wanted that to happen a lot sooner.  We gave this book 3 smooches. smoochies[1]smoochies[1]smoochies[1]

In a Badger Way is the second book in the Honey Badger series.  This is the series is all about shifters and Shelley Laurenston does an awesome job of capturing the personalities and characteristics of each animal type.  This is the story of Stevie, the baby sister of the honey badger sisters that is genius who suffers from OCD, anxiety and depression.  She also has a very extreme fear of bears which is ironic because she gets with Zhen, the panda shifter who was hired by the wild dog prodigy family to protect Kyle who is staying with the honey badgers because his family has little patience for him but Stevie can take him.  This book was hilarious as expected.  Even with everyone not having finished the book; we all thoroughly enjoyed the book.  We all agreed that this story was not about the romance, but the many characters.  We gave it 5 smooches. smoochies[1]smoochies[1]smoochies[1]smoochies[1]smoochies[1]

Next month we will be reading Slow Ride by Lori Foster


and Toxic Game by Christine Feehan


as we get prepared for our book discussion and games at Lori Foster’s Reader and Author Get Together. If you’re going to be at the event, come and see us.  We’ll be having our event on Thursday, June 6, 2019.  For more information, check out the RAGT web page:  We may or may not have an actual review for you because we will be saving info for the games.  Let us know if you want a review anyway in the comments below.  Until next month…



New Releases 4/8/19

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Hello Sugarbook lovers,

We hope you have been reading profusely during if you’ve had a chance to get a break for Spring Break.  Here is some of the books that are released out this week to help with your TBR. 

Thea Harrison – [American Witch 01] – American Witch
Helena Hunting – Meet Cute
Lauren Blakely – [Lucky in Love 03] – Nobody Does It Better
Larissa Ione – [Demonica Underworld 08] – Cipher
Nana Malone – [Heiress Duet 02] – Tempting the Heiress
Katie Reus – [Redemption 07] – Chasing Vengeance
Kylie Scott – Repeat

These are book that we are excited about, what about you.  Have a great week.



New Releases 3/12/2019

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Happy Wednesday Sugarbook Lovers,

Thanks for sticking with us, with our post being all over the place.  The site is constantly evolving, so please continue to support.  Ok…on for the new releases of this week that we are interested in….

Christine Feehan – [Ghostwalkers 15] – Toxic Game

Meghan March – [Forge 03] – Heart of the Devil

Lori Foster – [Road to Love 02] – Slow Ride

Lila Monroe – [Billionaire Bachelors 06] – Best Man

Kristen Proby – [Big Sky 04] – Soaring with Fallon

Kristen Proby Crossover Collection (Various Authors)

Lisa Renee Jones – [Filthy 03] – The Empire

Let us know if anything on the list has you excited.  We still have not had our monthly meeting, hopefully we can sync our schedules to meet.  Otherwise, we may have a double book review next month. 



New Releases 3/4/19

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Hello Sugarbook Lovers,

There weren’t too many new releases that we are interested in that came out this week, but here is the list.  Hope you enjoy.

Dakota Cassidy – [Accidental Friends 17] – Marty’s Horrible, Terrible, Very Bad Day

Katie MacAlister – [Dragon Hunter 02] – Day of the Dragon

Jenika Snow – [Bear Clan 03] – The BEARly Tamed Grizzly

Alexa Riley – [Virgin Duet 02] – Virgin Wife

Christine D’Abo – [Sugar 02] – Sugar & Spice

Tracy Goodwin – [Nighthawks 01] – Ice Hot

Our monthly meeting date was postponed due to half of the group being out ill.    We are going to try to find time in out busy schedules to sit down to discuss the book selections for this month.  We are finishing up two books by Lauren Blakely.  We hope to have our thoughts on it as soon as possible.  Until next time.



New Releases

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Hello Sugarbook Lovers,

We have two weeks worth of releases to share with everyone this week.  It’s been a busy couple of weeks, so we are doubling up last weeks and this weeks releases.  Just wanted to mention that the releases that we tell about are books that we as a book club are excited about; if there is something that comes out that you feel you would like to share, let us know so we can check it out.  Now for the list

Week of 2/18/2019:

Avery Flynn – [Hartigans 03] – Tomboy
Taryn Quinn – [Dirty DILFs 05] – Baby Daddy Wanted
Kendall Ryan – Boyfriend for Hire
Louise Bay – The Wrong Gentleman
Evangeline Anderson – [Brides of the Kindred 22.9] – Awakened by the Giant
Carrie Ann Ryan – [Montgomery Ink Colorado Springs 03] – Jagged Ink
Lara Adrian – [For 100 Series 04] – Run to You
Lisa Kleypas – [Ravenels 05] – Devil’s Daughter
Jenika Snow – Tight

Week of 2/25/2019

R. L. Mathewson – [Neighbor 10] – The Promise
Natasha Madison – [Hollywood Royalty 02] – Hollywood Princess
Donna Grant – [Heart of Texas 03] – My Favorite Cowboy
Penny Reid – [Laws of Physics 02] – Space
S. E. Smith – [Sarafin Warriors 03] – Heart of the Cat
Alexa Riley – [Virgin Duet 01] – Virgin Husband
M. Malone, Nana Malone – [Brazen 02] – Still Brazen
Tracy Wolff – [The Art of Pleasure 01] – Take Me
Sharon Sala – [Blessings 07] – Forever My Hero
Brenda Novak – [Silver Springs 05] – Unforgettable You
Lorraine Heath – [Sins for All Seasons 03] – The Scoundrel in Her Bed
Suzanne Enoch – [Wild Wicked Highlanders 01] – It’s Getting Scot in Here
Julie Anne Long – [Palace of Rogues 01] – Lady Derring Takes a Lover

Let us know what you’re reading or adding to your TBR list.  Is it anything from this list or something else?  Remember that next week is our monthly meeting, where we will be discussing two books by Lauren Blakely: Big Rock and Once Upon a Real Good Time.  If you’ve read both or either of these novels, give us your review in the comments below.  We’ll bring it up in our discussion.  Until next week.


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New Releases for 2/11/19

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Happy Valentine’s Week Sugarbook Lovers,

We hope that you are able to take some time out from spreading all of the love to check out some of the new books that are being released this week.  Here’s what we are excited about….

Meghan March – (Forge 2) – Luck of the Devil

Elin Peer – (Men of the North 9) – The Fighter

Ruby Dixon – (Ice Planet Barbarians 19) – Barbarian’s Valentine

Elisabeth Naughton – (Eternal Guardians 8.76) – Ensnared

Sam Crescent – Curvy Women Wanted 13) – Sweethearts

Alexa Riley – Locked Up Love

Penny Reid – (Laws of Physics 1) – Motion

So excited for these new reads.  Hope you are excited about and enjoy them too.