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Hello Sugarbook lovers,
This post is going to include our recap of two months’ worth of the books that we have read. For September we read 69 Million Things I Hate About You by Kira Archer and Devil’s Bride by Stephanie Laurens.

The 1st book, 69 Million Things I Hate About You was read entirely by 3 of us and DNF by 2 (one member was recovering from surgery so did not attempt any of the books for this month). It was agreed by all that the concept seemed too unbelievable to like. The main premise of the book is that the heroine tried to get fired from her position as the executive assistant to a very demanding, handsome, and arrogant CEO/co-owner (the hero). Why not just quit! There was a bet/pool going around the company email and they expected the bosses not to find out. REALLY!
What we did like about the book was the concept of friends buying lottery tickets and winning. As a result, we are now going to start our own lottery pool.

The 2nd book of the month, Devil’s Bride was read by 4 and DFN by 1. This was a reread for the majority of us, but a happy to read again all the same. This is the unanimously agreed book that is Historical Romance Gold. The first story in the series of the Cynster family saga about Devil Cynster and Honoria Wetherby. A couple that meets under unusual circumstances that cause them to instantly become a couple. Because this was a reread we were able to look at the book without rose-colored glasses. So we found things that we did not like about the book. The main thing that we did not like was Honoria Wetherbys’ unrelenting need to hold on to the dream of traveling to Africa. Even when it was obvious to the reader that she liked being “Devil’s Duchess”, pride kept her from admitting it and that her dream of going to Africa had changed. Some felt that Honoria was pressured into getting married by everyone and she gave in because of it. Did her brother guilt her into agreeing by saying that their parents had raised her to be a duchess and she would honor them by stepping in to the role? A few members said they thought so. Others said that it should be noted that Devil never pressured her into excepting, he felt confident in his ability to convince her, but never did he bully her. We all agreed that his hesitancy to admit his feeling for her because it would make him seem weak was bull; and if he had admitted it earlier, she would have acquiesced sooner.
Again, this is an older book and for that reason we welcome others thoughts.

Ok….now for the month of October. Our member that had surgery was back with us so we were back to 6 reviews. The two books that we read this month were Generations by M.L. Briers, and Hidden by Rebecca Zanetti.

The review of Generations, which was a quick read of only 173 pages, will be quick.
We hated it….unanimously…except for the person that recommended it. We just couldn’t find anything to say about it, other than we hated it. So that is all we had to say about that book.

The 2nd book, Hidden by Rebecca Zanetti had a different flow. This is the first book in a new series. The story of Pippa and Malcolm West. We liked this book! 5 THUMBS UP! There was one member that did not read the book. But the rest really liked it and are SUPER excited about the other books to come. We all felt the highlight of the book was the dog and Wolfe and his kitten in the pocket. The one flaw in the book felt by some of us was, the time we had to wait to find out what Pippa was running from. Why did it take so long for this to be revealed? A few of us figured it out (SPOILER ALERT!: she was running from a cult) early on, but why not just get it out there so we could go forward.
The next book in the series is about Hunter Holt and Faye Smith, who we met in the 1st book. It’s an interesting story that wasn’t one we expected next, but one we’re all excited about.

So to recap……

69 Million Things I Hate About You got 3 smoochies 💋💋💋

Devil’s Bride got 4 smoochies 💋💋💋💋

Generations got 1 smooch💋

Hidden got 5 smoochies. 💋💋💋💋💋

Next month we will be reading a serial book by Julia Kent Shopping For A Billionaire and the first book in a new series by J. R. Ward Consumed.  We welcome any and all comments that you have about the books we are reading or have read.  See you next month.





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