February Book Reveiw

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Happy February Sugarbook Lovers,

The book review for this month is over The Goddess Gets Her Guy by Ashlyn Chase.  This is the story of Gaia, Mother Nature, and Aaron, a neurosurgeon from Boston.  This story was a continuation to several series, but it was not advertised as such.  We thought it was a stand-alone; however, there were many secondary stories going on that seemed to assume you knew the history behind them.  The book was over 200 pages long and 75% of the book was about Gaia going on dates with other men or the other characters from the previous books.  We were not a fan of Gaia, we felt she was a little naïve and clueless for Mother Nature.  We expected her to know more of what was going on in the world.  The interactions between Gaia and Aaron were short and infrequent, which made it unbelievable that they really cared for each other.  The book story felt really farfetched to us in general.  With that in mind, we ended up giving this book 1.7 smooches. smoochies1_thumb.jpgsmoochies1.jpg

A Good Day to Marry a Duke by Betina Krahn was the second book that we discussed.  The interaction between Daisy Bumgarten (an American heiress in England to marry “well” so that she and more importantly, her family/younger sisters could be excepted by the “400” in America) and Lord Ashton Graham is instant attraction and something that they both needed to deny.  This was something that propelled interest for those of us that stated reading/finished the book.  Daisy’s determination to rectify the wrongs that she made with her callous disregard of high society by marry well and taking on the craziness demanded by the elder members of Arthur Graham, Duke of Meridian family was very commendable.  Uncle Red, Daisy’s hilarious uncle who is the reason why the family has their wealth (discovered a silver mine in Nevada) was a ton of fun and a great spot of comedy in the story.  His recitation of the family history (with a ton of mis-pronounced names) was a highlight in the story.  One thing that those of us who read the story all agreed on was that Arthur was a different kind of duke.  This was the first book that we can remember reading where the duke was unaware and not in command of his dukedom.  This guy was completely clueless about anything other than butterflies and nature.  He came across as not really wanting to be the duke at that moment; but he did care about the Dukedom and the people once he paid attention to what was happening around him.   Something that did make us wonder was why Ashton was not financially solvent.  He was the second son of the duke; don’t they usually have some smaller properties or titles of their own?  Had the elders stolen that from him along with the money they were pilfering from the dukedom?  It was a decent book and half of us finished it with a few stating that they had plans to finish it because they were curious how it ends.  Based on the ratings that those of us who completed the book we give A Good Day to Marry a Duke 3 smooches. smoochies1_thumb.jpgsmoochies1_thumb.jpgsmoochies1_thumb.jpg

That’s our reviews for this month.  Have you had a chance to read either of these books?  What were your thoughts?

Next month, we will be discussing Weekend Wife by Erin McCarthy and The Flatshare by Beth O’Leary.




Be sure to check out our review and don’t hesitate to five your opinions about these reads if you get a chance to read them.



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