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Happy New Year Sugarbook Lovers,

Welcome back readers, we hope that you had an awesome holiday season – enjoyed family, had some time to read a couple good books. This is just a quick post to tell you of the books that have come out this week or since Christmas.

On the week of 12/24:

Terri Anne Browning – Tainted Bastard (Tainted Knight #4)

Week of 1/7:

Robyn Carr – The Best of Us (Sullivans Crossing #4)

J.R. Ward – Prisoner of Night (Black Dagger Brotherhood 16.5)

Kendall Ryan –  Finding Alexei

Jane Ann Krentz – Untouchable (Cutler, Sutter, and Salinas #3)

Nana Malone – Teasing the Princess (Royals United #2)

Alyssa Cole – Once Ghosted, Twice Shy (Reluctant Royals 2.5)

Carrie Ann Ryan – Forever Broken (Talon Pack 9)

Which books are you most excited about?  Is there something that you are reading or purchasing  that is not listed?  Please leave a comment below to tell us all about it.    We will be getting together soon for the first book discussion of the year.  Our books for this  year are Of Blood and Bone by Nora Roberts and Stay With Me by Alexandria House.  If you’ve read them comment below about your thoughts.  We’ll share our thoughts soon.




New Releases for week 1 of December 2018

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Happy Holidays Sugarbook Lovers,

There are some book that came out this week that we are SUPER excited about.  We hope that you get excited about them as well.
Anthology – Christmas with a Rock Star

Cari Quinn, Taryn Elliott – [Rock Revenge 03] – Rock Redemption

Christina Lauren – My Favorite Half-Night Stand

Donna Grant – [The Kindred 03] – Everbound

Gena Showalter – [Lords of the Underworld 14.5] – The Darkest Captive

Ilona Andrews – [Innkeeper 3.5] – Sweep of the Blade

Nora Roberts – [The One 02] – Of Blood and Bone (This one has been highly anticipated since we read the 1st installment last year).

Ruby Dixon – [Icehome 05] – Angie’s Gladiator.

This next two books are weirdly ordered in the Celta series.  “Script of the Heart” is technically numbered 9a on Goodreads, although it just came out late October and the series is currently on the 15th installment in the series; and Goodreads has “Celta Cats” listed as the 17th installment.  We are confused about the placement in the chronological order, but still excited to read the books. 

Robin D. Owens – [Celta 15.5] – Celta Cats

Robin D. Owens – [Celta 9.5] – Script of the Heart

We hope you guys are as excited about this list as we are.  Of Blood and Bone is one of the books we are reading for January.  If you get a chance to read it, we would love to hear your opinion of it; otherwise look for our review in January.  Have a good rest of your week.



What Came Out This Week (11/26)

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Hello Sugarbook Lovers,

We hope that you had a great Thanksgiving Holiday and enjoyed your friends and family as well as great food.  Due to the holiday last week, we didn’t post new books out for the week.  This week we’ll attempt to give you what came out last week and this week. Enjoy.

Week of 11/19:

Grace Burrowes – Respect for Christmas

Sidney Halston – [Panic 04] – What About Us

Elisabeth Naughton – [Deadly Secrets 04] – Unspeakable

Lori Foster – [Road to Love 01] – Driven to Distraction

Julia Quinn – [Rokesbys 03] -The Other Miss Bridgerton

Vivian Arend – [Stones of Heart Falls 03] – A Rancher’s Bride

Elin Peer – [The Men of the North] – The Athlete


Week of 11/26:

            Aurora Rose Reynolds – [Until Him 03] – Until Cobi

            Kristen Proby – [With Me in Seattle 11] – Love With Me

            Laurann Dohner – [Vorage Crew 04] – Raff

            Terri Anne Browning – [The Vitucci Mafiosos 04] – Her Mafioso King

            Kendall Ryan – [Whiskey Kisses 05] – Hunky Heartbreaker


Please keep in mind that these are books that we are interested in reading and will probably read.  If there is something out there that you would like to recommend, please pass on the info.  We would love to hear from you.  Happy reading.





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This is an older post that got lost in the archives that we decided to bring out.  We know that Outlander is a HUGE phenomenon; and wanted to put this post out that gave our thoughts before it happened.  Enjoy.

With the start of Outlander, by Diana Gabaldon, on Starz recently, the discussion of the epic novel has returned in our book club. In the past, there have been many opinions about this really long novel. Most of our members have read the book and enjoyed it to some degree.  This contributor has not read the book and will not be reading it.  I also have not watched the series on Starz although the remaining members are watching it.  One of our members decided to read (or have her Kindle read to her) the epic because she wanted to know the story as she watched it on television.

In our last meeting she asked why I wasn’t interested in reading or watching it and (spoiler alert if you have not read the book) I replied that I did not like the fact that Jamie was violated in the worst way (raped) by the bad guy in the story.  I don’t know many character names because I didn’t read it, but the discussion over years has always left Jamie’s name prominent in my mind and the fact that he was violated at his own surrender.  He was said to have done this to save the heroine, Claire.  It was a sacrifice.  My opinion is that it tarnished some of the alpha-ness of the hero (Jamie) to me.

Some may argue that there were other hero’s who have been violated that I still loved; Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Styxx for example.  But let me say that Styxx was always attached, drugged and raped typically when he was a young man; and when his opportunity  presented itself, he KILLED the person that was raping him.  Jamie turned himself in to be raped to save Claire and i don’t think he killed his assailant right away; this was an epic after all.

Of course knowing that the violation occurred in the book, there was great discussion about whether it was going to be shown or discussed on the show.  The member who just read the book said that she was going to not be able to view that scene if so because she really loves Jamie and doesn’t want to have that happen to him.  There were emails sent back and forth about it and Bertlyn, our staunch Outlander fan and supporter had this to say about it.

“I love this series and I watched every minute of everything.  It’s real life that you know has a HEA in the end.  Real life sucks and then it doesn’t you have to go through things and keep moving.  To me that’s what its all about.  Everyone doesn’t have it so bad but some do it’s another perspective on life may not be yours, pray that its not, but you best to believe that its someone’s. Life sucks but you keep on pressing on to the ed an that’s what they do.  Don’t think they will show the actual rape because it was never shown in the book, just Jamie reliving it in telling it to Claire and not in great detail just that it happened.  It’s also about sick love, he loved Jamie and wanted his love in return.  People do crazy things in the name of love but true love wins in the end.”

What are your thoughts?  Are you currently watching Outlander on Starz?

August 2018 Meeting

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This month Sugarbook read Mister Tonight by Kendall Ryan and Iron and Magic by Ilona Andrews which is the 1st in a new arc (The Iron Covenant series) that delves into the world previously visited in the Kate Daniels series.

We first discussed Kendall Ryan’s book Mister Tonight, and right off I’ll state that it received 3 of 5 💋, or we medium liked it.  This is the story of Kate and Hunter who meet in a bar on the evening of Kate’s 30th birthday.  Kate, a serial hook-up girl, is looking for her Mister Tonight to help her celebrate her birthday.  She has an instant connection with Hunter and ends up going to back to his place for her much anticipated hook-up.  Midway into a phenomenal one-night-stand they are interrupted by Hunter’s four year old daughter.  She quickly grabs her belongings and gets out of dodge.  The twist in the story comes the next day when she goes to check out her new abode and realizes Hunter is going to be her new landlord.

As mentioned earlier, we medium liked this book.  Some of the highlights of the book that stuck with us was the drunken toast given by her friends at the end of the story where they busted her out about looking for Mister Tonight.  The term “Adult Cuddle Time” has become a favorite with us since reading this book.  And you can’t think of adult cuddle time without remembering how Hunter’s daughter did not like Kate at all; at least not until Kate cooked dinner after Hunter ruined dinner one evening.  Or when she came to the rescue for a bake sale catastrophe that left Hunter with slightly damaged finger tips.

Now you can’t mention Hunter’s daughter without us stating that most of us thought the daughter was a bit much.  And we think it was because he felt some guilt about her not having her mother around.


Our next book was Iron and Magic by Ilona Andrews.  This book resulted with one member having a DNC (did not complete) and the rest of us giving it 4 out of 5💋 .

This book was about Hugh d’Ambray, Preceptor of the Iron Dogs and Warlord of the Builder Tower, and Elara Harper, the White Lady and leader of the Departed.  They come together to form a union that will provide an army and protection for the Departed and food and lodging for the Iron Dogs.  They come together to fight two enemies and often times each other.

So what did we like about the book?  Elara is a bad bi$&h and Hugh is a fierce killing machine that has some power of his own.  When Elara battles in the tunnels and Hugh sent some of his fighters, including a berserker; and they come back to Hugh shell shocked from seeing Elara fight, you know she is the truth.  At the same time we were annoyed with Elara because she was too busy trying to proves she was the boss.  She kept withholding valuable information from Hugh that was unnecessary.

So here are some of the things that we felt a little angst about.  The DNC reader said that it was because she spent too much time trying to figure out what time period this book was supposed to be set in.  The majority of us have not read the Kate Daniels series (although we are now thinking about reading it).  Secondly, it took too long for Hugh and Elara to get and she was trying to run things even then.  We wanted them to have another intimate encounter again so that they could solidify their relationship.  I mean, usually we are complaining about too many intimate scenes, but this time we didn’t get enough.  And finally we all agreed that we are highly anticipating the next book, and that it will be a huge disappointment if it is not a continuation of the progression of the relationship between Hugh and Elara.

So that’s what we thought of our reads this month.  A recap is that we gave Mister Tonight 3 out of 5 💋 and Iron and Magic 4 out of 5 💋.  Have you read these novels?  What are your thoughts about them?

Next month we will be reading 69 Million Things I Hate About You by Kira Archer and an oldy but greaty Devils Bride by Stephanie Laurens.  We chose Devils Bride because we have a member that is not a fan of the Historical Romance genre.  We think it’s because she hasn’t read the right book and we feel that Devil’s Bride is it.  The majority of us have read this book in the past and we are super excited to be doing this reread.  If you read the books, please send us your thoughts, we would love to hear them.



The Bourbon Kings by J. R. Ward

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The Bourbon Kings

This book reads like an over-the-top primetime soap opera from the 80’s. Think Dynasty, Dallas or Falcon Crest. There are several storylines going on simultaneously, like the different scenes on any soap. And just like on my beloved soaps, the characters in this book piss me off to no end! I think part of my enjoyment of the soaps is the fun I have complaining about them with fellow fans, and that’s exactly what The Bourbon Kings make me want to do. Just like I yell at the TV, I want to yell at the book. Make no mistake, these characters are FLAWED! There are those you root for and those you despise.

I think the problem I had with the book is the hero, Lane. We are so used to uber-alpha males from J. R. Ward, that Lane comes across as a weak, spoiled brat. We’re used to our J. R. Ward heroes overcoming their pasts and becoming dominant, not running away from their lives and problems. But I do have to admit that Lane ends up stepping up to the challenges his family is facing, even though he really wants leave all the madness behind. Plus, we had a LOT of backstory to learn about this family, so much of the book is just that, a catch up on the backstory. I just want all the secrets of the past to be revealed so that we can just focus on the present events. But that is one of the drawbacks of the reunion romance trope. The readers are essentially just dropped right into the middle of these characters lives, so it felt like we had a lot of catching up to do.

All in all, I really liked The Bourbon Kings, once I let go of my preconceived expectations of what I’ve come to expect from J. R. Ward, and just got into my soap opera watching mind-set. Once I did that the book was very enjoyable. I can’t wait until the next episode! 🙂

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Review: Quarterback Draw (Play by Play, #9)

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Quarterback Draw Cover
Quarterback Draw by Jaci Burton

This is my favorite sports series. This installment in the series did not disappoint. Previously, we met the Riley sports family, well now we’ve moved on to another. The Cassidys. Three brothers who play professional football and one who plays major league baseball. They obviously inherited the athleticism from Dad, Easton, who has TWO Super Bowl rings.

First up is quarterback Grant. He meets and is captivated by super model Katrina Korsova while on a photo shoot in Barbados. Grant pushes his way into Katrina’s life, even though she’s pretty closed off romance of any kind. Katrina is fiercely independent, having raised her younger sister and brother since her mother died of cancer when Katrina was just seventeen years old. Her father, having cheated on her mom, left the family when she got sick. As a result, Katrina does not trust a man to stay for the long haul. But just can’t help falling in with Grant and the rest of the Cassidy family.

I just knew that Katrina would panic and run when feelings became deep and real. I was hoping that she wouldn’t be stupid, but no such luck. She let fear keep her from happiness. Good thing Grant didn’t give up so easily.

All in all, this was another good book in the Play-by-Play series and a good start to the new Cassidy arc.

Reviewed by:  LaTisha Walker