Book’s That Starts Out Slow. To finish or Not Is The Question?

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I sometime make myself finish reading a book that starts out slow or I go right to the end of the story. Let me know how you finish a slow starting book.

When I am browsing for new books to read, I will read the beginning, middle, and end of a book before buying.

I have a book I am trying to read and I am finding it very hard to finish. I love this author other books but for some reason I can’t finish her last book. The problem is that it ‘s not very realistic and the male is very weak.

The story is about a couple who divorce but still love each other. They did not know how to commucate with each other. After they divorce he has a daugther out of weblock, and they live in a small town so that cause a big up roar. His mother does not like his ex-wife, but loves his feancil.

The fekancil is up to know good, everyone see it but him.

I was looking forward to reading this book and I feel let down. I don’t know if I will finish this book.

Knitting With Romance

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Knitting and crocheting with some of the ladies from the Sugarbook Club, College Avenue staff, and patrons. We meet on the first Saturday of each month at 11:30 a.m in the Job Center room at College Avenue Library, 4180 N. College Avenue, INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46205, 317-275-4320 ext. 3.

Denise one of our members will teach us how to crochet hat’s at our next meeting, on February 7, 2015. Please join us and bring a pattern of a hat or scarf you would like to make.

Here’s a list of romance books that deals with knitting and crocheting:

image Ramona and Michelline

image Bertlyn learning to knit

image Ramona holding a finish project {cross stitching}


image Ramona cross stitching

MICHELLINE:-D Knitting a throw for my sister



image Bertlyn watching granddaughter learn how to knit




What Came Out This Week (11/26)

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Hello Sugarbook Lovers,

We hope that you had a great Thanksgiving Holiday and enjoyed your friends and family as well as great food.  Due to the holiday last week, we didn’t post new books out for the week.  This week we’ll attempt to give you what came out last week and this week. Enjoy.

Week of 11/19:

Grace Burrowes – Respect for Christmas

Sidney Halston – [Panic 04] – What About Us

Elisabeth Naughton – [Deadly Secrets 04] – Unspeakable

Lori Foster – [Road to Love 01] – Driven to Distraction

Julia Quinn – [Rokesbys 03] -The Other Miss Bridgerton

Vivian Arend – [Stones of Heart Falls 03] – A Rancher’s Bride

Elin Peer – [The Men of the North] – The Athlete


Week of 11/26:

            Aurora Rose Reynolds – [Until Him 03] – Until Cobi

            Kristen Proby – [With Me in Seattle 11] – Love With Me

            Laurann Dohner – [Vorage Crew 04] – Raff

            Terri Anne Browning – [The Vitucci Mafiosos 04] – Her Mafioso King

            Kendall Ryan – [Whiskey Kisses 05] – Hunky Heartbreaker


Please keep in mind that these are books that we are interested in reading and will probably read.  If there is something out there that you would like to recommend, please pass on the info.  We would love to hear from you.  Happy reading.



New Releases Week of 5/27/2019

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Hello Sugarbook Lovers,

It’s been a while, but Sugarbook has been busy.  We are fast approaching our annual trip to Lori Foster’s RAGT and we are so excited.  If you will be in attendance, we are hosting a book club discussion on Thursday, June 6th.  We will be in our meeting room from roughly noon to 6pm.  We have games, prices, swag and of course we will be discussing the books we chose for the event.  The books we will be discussing are Slow Ride by Lori Foster and Toxic Game by Christine Feehan.  We hope to see you there.

Ok…for the new releases that we are excited about this week:

Alanea Alder – [Bewitched 11] – My Solace
Amelia Grey – [First Comes Love 01] – The Earl Next Door
Carly Phillips – [Knight Brothers 1.5] – Take the Bride
Beverly Jenkins – [Women Who Dare 01] – Rebel
Taryn Quinn – [Dirty DILFs 06] – Rockstar Baby
Marie Harte – [Movin’ On 02] – Smooth Moves
Alexa Riley – [Too 02] – Too Many
Rebecca Royce – [Outsiders 08] – Love Beyond Lies
Meg Cabot – [Little Bridge Island 0.5] – Bridal Boot Camp
Judi Fennell – [BeefCake, Inc. 0.5] – Sweet as Candy
Judi Fennell – [Magically Ever After 03] – Catch of a lifetime
Katy Evans – [Million Dollar 01] – Million Dollar Devil
Lila Dubois, Mari Carr – [Masters’ Admiralty 04] – Honor’s Revenge