New Releases for 2/4/2019

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Hello Sugarbook Lovers,

This weeks release list is a little short.  But that’s okay, because last weeks list was the bomb!

Anywho…..here’s the list.

Donna Grant – [Reaper 07] – Dark Alpha’s Awakening
J. D. Robb – [In Death 48] – Connections in Death
Kristen Proby – [Big Sky 03] – Waiting for Willa
Lila Dubois – [San Francisco 01] – San Francisco Longing
Lila Dubois – [San Francisco 02] – San Francisco Lost
Lila Dubois – [San Francisco 03] – San Francisco Love

Let us know what you’re reading.

FYI…we are getting ready for Lori Foster’s RAGT in June.  If you’re also going to be there, make sure that you check out our event on Thursday.  Here’s the blurb we have to give you a little more information.

Sugarbook Club is comprised of a hilarious group of women that are passionate about discussing those “sugary” romance novels that we all love.  We welcome everyone and their opinions to be passionate with us as we discuss the latest novel by our wonderful hostess Lori Foster, Slow Ride (book 2 of the Road to Love series expected out March 12, 2019).  There will be games (hint: get your markers and good luck charms ready, and remember to phrase your answer as a question), prizes, and of course the all important discussion. There will be another book included in our discussion, but have not chosen it as of yet.  Keep an eye out for more details later.
We have only ONE rule….100 pages.  We strongly recommend you read at least 100 pages of the book – it will help with the discussion and the game participation.  If you aren’t able to read, do not let that discourage you from coming to hang out with us.  We would love to have you come see us; you may be inspired to pick up something that we recommend – because believe me there will be other books discussed – or at the least you will make a new friend.

This is our weekend for our meeting.  Hopefully we can get a good recap of our discussion out to you guys.  We will be discussing, 99 Percent Mine by Sally Thorne and Reckless (Renegade’s: 1) by Skye Jordan.  If you’ve read them let us know what you thought of them.



What Came Out This Week

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Hello Sugarbook Lovers,
We decided that we would like to do something extra and different. We attempt to keep everyone advised about what we are reading each month and what we thought of the books; but one of the things that we inevitably end up doing in our meetings is discussion of what’s coming out soon (like that week) and get excited about it. So we thought it would be good to do a weekly “What Came Out This Week – Sugarbook Edition”. It will be called Sugarbook Edition because it will most likely be comprised of books that we are excited about.
This post will have three weeks of books to give y’all.  The next ones will (hopefully) be one week long.  We hope it is helpful to you.
Week of October 22, 2018
Blood Bond by Shannon K. Butcher (Sentinel Wars #10)
York by Laurann Dohner (The Vorge Crew #3)
Reveling in Sin by Meghan March (Sin Trilogy #3)
Muffin Top by Avery Flynn (Hartigans #2)
Demon Walking by Eve Langlais (Dragon Point #6)
Week of October 29, 2018
Archangel’s Prophecy by Nalini Singh (Guild Hunter #11) (this writer likes to listen to the audio of these)
Dragonfire by Donna Grant (Dark Kings 14)
Leopard’s Run by Christine Feehan (Leopard #11)
Shadow and Ice by Gena Showalter (Gods of War #1)
The Darkest Star by Jennifer L. Armentrout (Origin #1)
Judgement by Jenika Snow
Bad Situation by Brynne Asher (Montgomerys #1)
Week of November 5, 2018
Diamond Fire by Ilona Andrews (Hidden Legacy #3.5)
Dining With Angels by Larissa Ione (Demonica #17.5 – this is a catch-up with characters story with recipes included)
My One and Only Duke by Grace Burrowes (Rogues to Riches #1)
Smoldering Desire by Elle James (Hellfire #3)
Dirty Sexy Games by Laurelin Paige (Dirty Games Duet #2)
Well, this is the list as we set it. Again this is a new idea for us and we wholeheartedly want your thoughts and opinions about this and its format. Would you prefer to have the links for purchasing the books? Would you like to see the book covers along with the links? Let us know. Thanks so much for taking a look at our page once again, see you soon.


October Reading

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Hello Sugarbook lovers,
This post is going to include our recap of two months’ worth of the books that we have read. For September we read 69 Million Things I Hate About You by Kira Archer and Devil’s Bride by Stephanie Laurens.

The 1st book, 69 Million Things I Hate About You was read entirely by 3 of us and DNF by 2 (one member was recovering from surgery so did not attempt any of the books for this month). It was agreed by all that the concept seemed too unbelievable to like. The main premise of the book is that the heroine tried to get fired from her position as the executive assistant to a very demanding, handsome, and arrogant CEO/co-owner (the hero). Why not just quit! There was a bet/pool going around the company email and they expected the bosses not to find out. REALLY!
What we did like about the book was the concept of friends buying lottery tickets and winning. As a result, we are now going to start our own lottery pool.

The 2nd book of the month, Devil’s Bride was read by 4 and DFN by 1. This was a reread for the majority of us, but a happy to read again all the same. This is the unanimously agreed book that is Historical Romance Gold. The first story in the series of the Cynster family saga about Devil Cynster and Honoria Wetherby. A couple that meets under unusual circumstances that cause them to instantly become a couple. Because this was a reread we were able to look at the book without rose-colored glasses. So we found things that we did not like about the book. The main thing that we did not like was Honoria Wetherbys’ unrelenting need to hold on to the dream of traveling to Africa. Even when it was obvious to the reader that she liked being “Devil’s Duchess”, pride kept her from admitting it and that her dream of going to Africa had changed. Some felt that Honoria was pressured into getting married by everyone and she gave in because of it. Did her brother guilt her into agreeing by saying that their parents had raised her to be a duchess and she would honor them by stepping in to the role? A few members said they thought so. Others said that it should be noted that Devil never pressured her into excepting, he felt confident in his ability to convince her, but never did he bully her. We all agreed that his hesitancy to admit his feeling for her because it would make him seem weak was bull; and if he had admitted it earlier, she would have acquiesced sooner.
Again, this is an older book and for that reason we welcome others thoughts.

Ok….now for the month of October. Our member that had surgery was back with us so we were back to 6 reviews. The two books that we read this month were Generations by M.L. Briers, and Hidden by Rebecca Zanetti.

The review of Generations, which was a quick read of only 173 pages, will be quick.
We hated it….unanimously…except for the person that recommended it. We just couldn’t find anything to say about it, other than we hated it. So that is all we had to say about that book.

The 2nd book, Hidden by Rebecca Zanetti had a different flow. This is the first book in a new series. The story of Pippa and Malcolm West. We liked this book! 5 THUMBS UP! There was one member that did not read the book. But the rest really liked it and are SUPER excited about the other books to come. We all felt the highlight of the book was the dog and Wolfe and his kitten in the pocket. The one flaw in the book felt by some of us was, the time we had to wait to find out what Pippa was running from. Why did it take so long for this to be revealed? A few of us figured it out (SPOILER ALERT!: she was running from a cult) early on, but why not just get it out there so we could go forward.
The next book in the series is about Hunter Holt and Faye Smith, who we met in the 1st book. It’s an interesting story that wasn’t one we expected next, but one we’re all excited about.

So to recap……

69 Million Things I Hate About You got 3 smoochies 💋💋💋

Devil’s Bride got 4 smoochies 💋💋💋💋

Generations got 1 smooch💋

Hidden got 5 smoochies. 💋💋💋💋💋

Next month we will be reading a serial book by Julia Kent Shopping For A Billionaire and the first book in a new series by J. R. Ward Consumed.  We welcome any and all comments that you have about the books we are reading or have read.  See you next month.





Reflected in You

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Reflected in You


I should have written this review about four months ago when I first read this book and I apologize for not doing so. In my defense, I’ve been busy and reading a ton of stuff.   Someone mentioned that I seem to review the books from this series and not many others.  I chose to continue to review this series because: 1) I reviewed the first book and since I’m reading them all it made sense to review them all; and 2) it seems that lately the BDSM millionaire/commoner (I know that’s not the right word to use but oh well) genre seems to be hot right now and why not give my opinion on something other than Fifty Shades.  I mean someone may actually open up their mind to something other than what is trending in the media and fall in love with another author they may not have explored without my review.  BUT…I’m digressing…I’m getting off my soapbox right now and writing my review.

I read the second book in the Crossfire Series as soon as it came out. I really enjoyed the first book and was extremely curious about the characters and where they were going to go.

The second book, Reflected in You, delves further into the relationship between Gideon and Eve. This book picks up right where the last book (Bared to You) ended. Gideon and Eve are committed to making their relationship work. When the issues that they suffer from (Eve’s insecurity and Gideon’s violent nightmares) threaten to tear the relationship apart, they commit to therapy. I really love their commitment to the relationship, it lets the reader know that although it is a very sexually charged relationship, it is not based upon just sex alone. They have feelings for one another. During one of the therapy sessions after a particularly violent dream by Gideon that also coincided with a nightmare that Eve was having about her past abuse; the therapist suggested that they stop sleeping together and date only to allow the relationship to grow. Gideon and Eve both said that wasn’t an option.

I don’t want to tell the story, because I’m not one to give spoilers. There were two things in the book that were really frustrating to me. Early on in this book, Eve is invited to a concert by her friend who is also the sister of her supervisors partner. Her friend has four tickets and her boyfriend is out of town, so Gideon invites a friend so that it will be an equal four. Now this is Eve’s first time meeting anyone that remotely resembles a friend to Gideon, you’d think she would be on her best behavior. You would be thinking wrong. It turned out that the lead singer was an “ex-boyfriend” and she didn’t reveal it to Gideon once she realizes it, nor did she react properly when she came in contact with her “ex”. Again, I don’t give spoilers, but you will be shaking your head saying, “girl you know you wrong for that.”

Gideon and Eve get over that hurdle and just when everything seems to be going smoothly for Gideon and Eve, Gideon starts acting flukery. He starts blowing Eve off, he’s being seen with his ex-girlfriend, just making stupid relationship mistakes. You are thinking to yourself as your reading…”Man what are you doing? Are you having commitment issues?” You get to a point where you can’t stand Gideon because he is acting like an ass and his only excuse to Eve is “trust me”. You are screaming at the book, “trust me, trust me what do you mean trust me?” I have to give a big thumbs up to the reactions of Eve. She did not sit around wallowing and acting like her world was going to end if Gideon didn’t start acting right. Of course there was a response…she did cry over it and do some yelling and accusations thrown, but once it seemed that he just wasn’t going to do right,; she made up her mind to let it go. Even when Gideon started yelling her to trust him, she didn’t fall for it. It is not until the end of the book that she understood Gideon’s actions and you want to high five him and you are left saying he is a true “ride or die” dude. The last couple of pages of the book left me with my mouth hanging open wand then I wanted to pump my fist in the air and yell, “YEAH!”

So that’s my take on Reflected in You.  I LOVE LOVE LOVED the book.  It was a great follow-up to the first and again I’m anxiously awaiting the third.  I will try to review other books that I read.  If you missed my post about my favorite genre check it out here.  This will let you know that I read a lot of romance.  BUT these are not the romance books of old, they actually have plots beyond the Millionaires Baby (sorry Harlequin Sad smile) and if you can name me one movie that does not have a romantic scene in it (or just a scene where someone is getting kissed) then I will admit admit something.  I don’t know what I’ll admit, because I don’t think there isn’t anything out there.  I watch all types of movies, action, comedy, musicals, independents, Sundance, even some documentaries; I don’t watch horror because I’m a chicken-butt, but everything I watch, and they all have romance so DON’T KNOCK ROMANCE NOVELS.


I found a new author…

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I have a new author that I want to talk about. She is not a new author, and I have read all of the books from two of her series. Her name is Laurann Dohner. Yes, Laurann Dohner. She is an author that is part of the Ellora’s Cave publishing house. If you know anything about Ellora’s Cave, you know that the majority of their books are on the steamy side. Some of my favorite authors have come out of Ellora’s Cave – Jade Black and Laura Leigh just to mention a few. I was first introduced to Laurann this past summer when we were on our way to the Lori Foster Reader Appreciation Weekend (an annual trip for my book club). At that time three of my book club members were discussing the books. Two of us had not read nor heard of the books; but the discussion was so very intriguing. I was driving but Bertlyn checked her reader to see if she had the books on her reader because Tish said she had shared them with everyone. Bertlyn found them and began reading the first book. By the time we headed home she had finished the first book and was reading the second. I don’t remember what I was reading at the time, but I remember I wasn’t in a position to start the series. I believe it was another two months before I started it. By that time another book was released and everyone was raving about it (when I say everyone; that means my fellow book club members).

The first book had me hooked and I went through every one that I had back-to-back. The series that I’m talking about is the New Species series. It is about a species of humans that have been created by splicing animal and human DNA. They were created to be used as super soldiers and for other experiments. The stories are about how the species are dealing with their recent release, adjusting to living outside of the torture that they had endured, dealing with hate groups, the government, finding other members of their species, and finally, trusting, befriending and finding love with humans –full humans. I loved the series because the characters –the new species – were so endearing to me. They had an innocence about them that was a contradiction to the knowledge of suffering and torture that they endured. There are nine books in the series thus far, with promises of more to come. The books could be read as standalone novels, but I would recommend starting from the beginning. The series order is as follows: Fury, Slade, Valliant, Justice, Brawn, Wrath, Tiger, Obsidian, & Shadow.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the second series of Laurann’s that I’m currently finishing up. The Cyborg series.

These books are a little shorter in length than the New Species series (averaging around 160 pages on my Nook), but that does not diminish the story content. As a matter of fact, these are another series that I have read back-to-back with no problems (When I say with no problems, I mean that I don’t feel like I need to cleanse my genre palate. This can sometimes happen when I read a series consecutively. I’m digressing.) . The Cyborg series was recommended to me months ago by Ramona – from book club. She had read these before the New Species series and said that they were steamy and with a bit of humor included. I need to take a moment out to confess to you guys that my TBR (to be read) list is crazy long. I have heard people say “I don’t have anything to do read now.” I don’t understand that concept. I always have something to read! Now whether or not I want to read it is a different story. So I finally broke down and started the Cyborg series. Ramona was very correct. It is steamy and I found myself chuckling or smiling at the cyborgs. The Cyborgs are a race of people that was somewhat created by the government by growing test tube babies that were later outfitted with cybertronic implants to make them better soldiers and workers that the government thought they would be able to control (Governmental research is a trip isn’t it? I decided before I graduated that I didn’t want to work for a government research company just because I didn’t want to ever face the possibility of compromising my morals). When they realized that they couldn’t control them, they deemed them unstable and ordered the mass destruction; the cyborgs escaped and fled to another planet far away from Earth and are hiding from Earth trying to live out the rest of their lives in peace. There are still hostile feelings towards humans by some and they have laws that deem any humans as property and not citizens. The Cyborgs rely on logic and not emotions to make decisions. This is what leads to the bits of humor. They don’t understand human slang and they take everything literally. I have loved them, so much in fact that I have found myself becoming aggravated with outside forces like work and family that have kept me from spending all my time reading. I mean who wants to work, or cook, or clean, or help with homework right? The 6th book of the series was about the character that everyone has disliked throughout the series thus far, but when it was all said and done, I ended up liking him. Really!!! How does that happen? She’s just that good.

I highly recommend any books that Laurann Dohner has written. I haven’t read them all, but if the two series that I have read so far are any indication, then I feel confident in stating that you won’t be disappointed. Her books are steamy, they have a bit of humor and you really fall in love with all the characters – even the secondary’s.

Also if you want a good steamy read, and I have to say that based upon the huge interest in the Fifty Shades trilogy people love a little steamy, you should give some of the authors from Ellora’s Cave a try. These authors have been doing what E.L. James has been doing for years and possibly doing it a little better, I’m not knocking her, just saying she’s not the first.

Keeping Up with a Series

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Sometimes I really amaze myself with how many series that I follow.  I’m not just talking books here.  I’m including TV and movies too.  And let’s not get started on how similar a lot of series are!  It made me wonder how other people keep track of the things that they read and watch.

Personally, I have issues with being behind in a series.  I think this is why I haven’t started the Nalini Singh Guild Hunter series of books.  It’s already three books and two short stories in!  I like to be on top of things as they come out or else I feel like I’ve been left behind.  I think that a little time between installments whets the appetite and builds anticipation which, to me, are hallmarks of a good series.  When you stockpile installments, you lose the spirit of the series.  Instead of the emotional rollercoaster, it’s more like just a train on a track.  It may be good, but not great.

I know many people and even some of my fellow book club members will heartily disagree with me.  They can’t stand cliffhangers, and, believe it or not, hate spoilers

The truth is that with all the things I’m following, there’s no way I could keep up if I weren’t on top of them as soon as they came out!