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My views on Shiloh Walker’s Hunters Need

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Now, I have read most of Shiloh’s Hunters series and found this book to be a solid contribution to the series.  Duke was the tortured hero and Ana the troubled heroine played well off of one another and with each other.  The story took us from Virgina into the wilds of Alaska in the summer where Ana found that the area was plagued by a serial killer once she started talking with a tortured soul and his former love (who happened to be in the form of a ghost).  Duke is a natural shifter and Ana is a psyhic who have a tragic past together.  They work through the drama and come together stronger to defeat the badness in Alaska. 
I enjoyed the story and how the relationship developed and the crazy mystery part of it.  If you’ve read the series you’ll enjoy a few of the supporting characters a little more, but you won’t be missing much if you haven’t read the others.  I recommend that you pick it up and give it a good read.  As far as Shilohs books go, I haven’t been disappointed in any that I’ve read, and I’ve read lots of them. 
That’s all from me for now, until next time.

eReader review

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I was asked to post my review of my Kindle DX in comparision to my Sony eReadyer 600; I had initially done this on my blog site and thought it would be redundant to retype it so I have copy and pasted it below…
I mentioned to some people in an email that I would review my new Kindle DX in comparision to my Sony eReader 600.  I have to say that I have had the Sony longer (I started out with the first Sony 560 last year as a Christmas gift from my wonderful man, Stan; then upgraded to the 600 back in October) and just got the Kindle for Christmas this year (the card said, "Now you can have your Bentley and Benz").  The Sony is a touch screen and can use multiple formats, the Kindle is wireless and has a big A 9" screen.  Which do I like more…..?  It will depend on the format of the books I read.  I think that I have determined that all my PDF documents will be read on my Kindle for sure and that my Sony will be my primary reader.  If you are an adament reader like I am….do not let the price of either of this devices sway you.  Run to the store and purchase one.  I know of websites where I can get access to alot of books at little to no cost, so it is important for me to be able to have a reader that can handle all types of document formats, the Sony, therefore I would recommend it to people first.  However, the Kindle is new to me and my husband being the IT guru that he is will always find a way to make me happy if he can electronically, meaning he will find a way to get those files in a format that my Kindle can handle.










Since I have written that review another thing has come up.  I had mentioned that I can read PDF’s on my Kindle and most likely will do so, but the way the Kindle is set up; you cannot change the font size on a PDF document on the Kindle.  This means, if the font size of the PDF is small it will be small on the Kindle.  There is a way to get around this and it is to read the book/document in landscape format instead of portrait.  I don’t think this will hender me from using the Kindle to read these books, I like having the big screen to read on.  I think I stated on my blog that the price of both readers is no walk in the park (the Kindle DX is around $480 and the Sony is $299.99 (or rounded off to an even $300), but if you are an avid reader you will pay for this each after buying a few hardback new releases.  They are soooooo worth it and once you start reading in electronic ink, it becomes really difficult to go back to paper; it’s addicting (in a good way).

Hunter’s Need by Shiloh Walker

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This month the Sugarbook club read "Hunter’s Need," by Shiloh Walker.  I have always been a big fan of Shiloh’s paranormal romances, and I love the fact that when you meet her, she is so personable and friendly.  She always has time to talk to ya and I love that about her.  

Now, about this new book.  It is definitely different than her previous hunter novels.  While most of her hunter novels in the past have focused on shifting, relationships and romance(cause duh, these are romances!) this novel has a definite focus on the suspense/mystery aspect of it.

Here is a small rundown on the plot:

Duke is a hunter betrayed by the woman he loves.  Ana is a psychic who is need of the hunter she betrayed.  Ana has no choice but to seek help when she finds herself  being haunted by a local murder victim.  Unfortunately, the desperate spirit is not the only victim….as sparks fly between psychic and hunter, neither can shake the spirit that demands their help.  As clues pour in, no one could have guessed the evil that was living nearby.

I absolutely love serial killers, thrillers, and a good naughty romance (not in that order, of course!).  I found this title to be a great combination of all three!  I think Shiloh did an excellent job of suspending the reader to the very end.  

What did you think of it?