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I have really wanted to do this but I was never sure how to get here.  I finally made it here.  I’m not sure what everything is but I’m trying.  I can’t see part of what I’m typing but I’m going to trudg on.  I ‘m excited to see that we don’t have anything to worry about Borders affecting our trip to RomCon this year.  I’m going to close and try to finish what i have started but I will be back

Sugarbook Club Meeting March 8, 2011

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March 8, 2011
When: 6 – 8

Book for discussion: Master of Smoke by Angela Knight

Where: College Avenue Library
4180 N. College Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46205
317-275-4320 ext. 3
ask for Michelline Brandon

Re-reading Favorite Books

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I have not felt like reading any books for a copy of weeks, but all sudden I start craving a book to read. So I finish reading Jayne Castle “Midnight Crystal” book 7 reach I stopped reading 3 months ago. After I finish reading that book I wanted more so I re-read Cynthia Eden “Eternal Hunter” book which I enjoy reading again.

I also got to thinking about Christine Feehan ‘Dark Hunter books’ so I went to my library web page and checked out two e-books “Dark Fire” and “Dark Melody” because they are some of my favorite books from that collection.

When I re-read books I always find something I missed or a phrase I enjoyed. When talking with other people about re-reading books they don’t like to read the same book twice but I love it.


Sugarbook Club Meeting

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The Book for February 08, 2011 “Indulgence in Death” by J. D. Robb

Where: College Avenue Library

Where: 4180 N. College Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46205

Time: 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Contact: Michelline      Telephone Number: 317-275-4320 ext. 3

1/11/11 Meeting

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Last night we had a guest author, Carmen, K. Glenn, visit our book club.  Carmen is the author of a three novels, Overdrive, Ambition, and Office Gossip.  It was a very nice visit.  Carmen began writing in 2006.  The first story, Overdrive, was originally a journal that she was writing for herself that she later changed to a story for her own personal enjoyment.  Her sister pleaded with Carmen to let her view it and from there she persuaded her to publish it.  After the first book was published, she found that readers had questions about one of the characters from Overdrive and the second novel, Ambition, was born.  Again, readers had questions about another character that was addressed in Office Gossip

As a book club, we try to ask any visiting author questions about their process and where they are going.  I personally always ask if the author is going to have their books published in electronic format if they have not done so already.  I have two eReaders, Sony and Kindle, and my fellow book club members now call me a eReader snob because I won’t read anything not in electronic format.  This is not due to snobbiness, but more of a matter of convenience.  I am an on-the-go reader and my readers allow me to have books whenever I have a free moment.  Also because of my schedule I don’t get to read as often as I would like and I have many books in the que that I want to read but have not; this gives me the opportunity to hold off on books that are not available in electronic format.  But I digress, this post is about our meeting/author visit and not my reasons for reading electronic format books only.  Mrs. Glenn’s books are currently not available in electronic format, but she did say that her next novel will be released in electronic.  All in all it was a good author visit.  We were introduced to a new Indiana author that may become a new favorite and hopefully also become a fellow author/reader convention attendee.  We told her about the Lori Foster Convention and urged her to attend.

 At the end of our meeting we also made decisions about the Lori Foster Readers Appreciation weekend in June and the Borders sponsored RomCon in Denver in August.  We will be attending both events and are excited about both.  We will be sure to keep everyone informed as we plan and attend.

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Book Review – Can’t Stand The Heat

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I just finished reading this book, Can’t Stand The Heat by Louisa Edwards, and I thought I would take the opportunity to review it. 

Synopsis:  Food critic, Miranda Wake, is trying to become an author and after receiving numerous rejection letters, she decides to attend a pre-restaurant opening of Market.  She begins to drown her sorrows in rose-infused vodka  that has more of a kick than she realizes.  When chef, Adam Temple begins his speech to all of the critics; Miranda in her drunken state taunts Adam and a bet is made.  Miranda now has a chance to work in chef Temples kitchen for a month and gather research information to use in her new book.  Although Miranda wants to right a serious book about the inside of a chef’s kitchen, publishers are only looking for a gossip book.  She begins receiving the “inside scoop” on the employees of Market from a disgruntled extern and although she doesn’t feel comfortable writing the things she is about people that she has began to think of as friends; she is determined to help her brother out with tuition.  Adam and Miranda begin a tenuous relationship that is full of tension from the beginning.  Only when Adam begins giving Miranda cooking lessons does the dynamics of their relationship change.  The budding relationship looks promising until factors from the second story causes Miranda to make irrational decisions that bite her in the butt. 

The side story was actually my favorite.  Miranda’s young brother, Jess, comes home from a full-ride scholarship at a school in Indiana.  He announces to Miranda that he is dropping out of his current school to attend NYU.  Miranda knows something has happened to cause her brother to come home, but Jess is not telling.  He gets a job working at Market, and ends up being instantly attracted to one of the cooks.  They begin a relationship that is kept secret from Miranda because he doesn’t think she will approve.  When she finally finds out, her reaction is less than perfect.   

So how did I feel about his book?  The heroin of this book was a HUGE disappointment to me.  I did not like her from the beginning of the book.  Every time I would begin to like her she would do something to make me not like her again.  I liked all of the other characters all of the time and didn’t like her most of the time.  What kept me coming back for more was the side story.  I have to say that I did like the book and I would recommend it.  I am excited about the follow-up story, On The Steamy Side.