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October Book Review

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This month we read three books again….it’s the new trend for Sugarbooks guys. We read Wishful Thinking by Evangeline Anderson, Interception by Alexa Martin, and Haven by Rebekah Witherspoon. So the review of the books this month was interesting. As we were discussing our feelings on the books, our opinions changed as the discussion progressed.

The first book that we discussed was Wishful Thinking by Evangeline Anderson.

This book was about Philomena (Phil) Swann and her desire to carefully word her annual birthday wish to Fairy Godmother (FG), finally set a date for her wedding to her fiancé of five years, and leave the job working for someone she can’t stand and finally start law school. What happened was anything but. In an attempt to make a wish so small and insignificant it won’t mess up her life; but instead after a horrible day she accidentally shouts out a wish to speak her mind…and then finds she can’t stop. Between telling everyone exactly what she thinks and trying to deal with her eccentric grandmother who’s been brewing botched love potions to catch herself a man, Phil has her hands full. When she starts finding out some startling things about the people in her life—such as how her hot and hunky co-worker and best friend Josh really feels about her—Phil knows she’s made a wish that will change her world forever.

There were 3 main thoughts that occurred after reading this book….1) We wanted Phil to do better – she had spent her life as a pushover and even when she was able to speak her mind, she still felt guilty for it. REALLY? She never said anything that was hurtful or untrue, so why feel guilt over it. 2) We wanted the “best friend” who could see all of the “fairy things” that no one else could see to be part fairy. The reason why he was able to see it was revealed later on, but we were frustrated with it. It was a let-down for him not to be part fairy or something. 3) Finally, why did they not make a complaint to someone about the FG’s mix-up’s? How long do you put up with the FG’s screw ups?

We thought and thought about what we liked about the book. It was hard to think of anything. We decided that the funny scenes were what made the book…. specifically, the HR scene.

The next book was liked a little better. Interception by Alexa Martin.

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This book is about Marlee Harper. She was in a 10-year relationship with her boyfriend who plays for the NFL and has yet to ask Marlee to marry him. After finding out that her boyfriend has been cheating on her once again, she leaves at a time when the guy that she has been fantasizing about for years after a one-night stand. This dude also happens to be the new quarterback for her boyfriend’s team, Gavin Pope. Gavin has remembered Marlee from all those years and wants to jump on the opportunity to make things work with Marlee.

Our thoughts about this book were similar to those we felt for Wishful Thinking with the exception that Marlee had been a doormat for so long and when she got her backbone, she over compensated. She was all about exerting her independence, but how could you be so independent like that and stay with someone like that for that long. So, we liked the story, but was not impressed with the heroine. We liked the ending of the book and how thought provoking it was – we had a lengthy discussion about this book. Mostly we liked Gavin.

The final book had the best review, but was only read by two of our members.

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Haven by Rebekah Witherspoon is about Claudia Cade, a city girl, who is attacked along with her brother while they are out camping. She is fleeing for her life when she comes across Shepard Olsen’s home in the woods. Shepard ends up coming to her rescue and kills her assailant. He gets her to the hospital and a bond forms between them. When Claudia returns to the city, she is unable to deal with her former life and eventually returns to the mountains to be with Cade where she finally feels at peace and safe. Cade has his own demons that he is dealing with, mainly in the form that he prefers more of a Dom-Sub relationship and has not been able to find anyone in the small town where he lives that likes the same. His failed attempt at such a relationship with someone in the town has left him looked upon negatively by the townsfolk and he goes to LA once a year to have his “needs” met. Only when he saves Claudia’s life is he begun to be looked at in a more positive light by his fellow town residents. The book is about the growth of their relationship and their individual growth.

We liked this book because although they were both suffering from PTSD, they owned it. They knew they had issues, and they knew that it may construe some of the ends and outs of their relationship, but they wanted the relationship to work. They were mature that way. One reader said that even with it being a genre that she wasn’t a huge fan of, BDSM, she was able to read it and not cringe. Butt plugs have become an option for her. J The only thing that was not liked about the book was the abrupt ending. We wanted more or to know what else happened.

So we guess you are wondering how many smooches we gave each book?  Here’s the run down…

Wishful Thinking…..smoochies[1]smoochies[1]



Next month is our last official book discussion of this year as our December meeting will be “holiday dinner”.  We will be reading Hard to Love by W. Winters and Bromance Book Club by Lyssa Kay Adams.  Only two books to read, what will we do? Smile  Until next time.