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July Book Review

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For the month of July, we only read one book, Amanda Bouchet’s Nightchaser – which is the first of the Endeavor series. This book is set in the future with a more of a space theme. Tess Bailey: the galaxy’s Most Wanted, is in deep trouble. She and her crew are on the run, pursued by a tyrant who’ll take them dead or alive. Tess’s best hope is a tall, dark, and much-too-appealing stranger, Shade Ganavan (arrogant, charming…and that special something that makes you want to kick him), who says he can help her. But his motivations are far from clear. What ensues is hair-raising moments that will leave you really wanting more.

A little back story about Sugarbook and Amanda Bouchet. We discovered her earlier this year when one of our members came across her Kingmaker Chronicles series. Lucky for us, all the books in the series had been written so we were able to read them back to back. It was a great series and had us all hungry for more of her writing. When we learned that she had another series coming out not to mention that it was something in space; we quickly added it to our list of books for the year.

It seemed as though she stuck to the same theme that the heroine of both series has a greater purpose for her life that she is unaware of. In the previous series, the heroine had her life manipulated by the gods. We are excited to see who (if anyone) is manipulating the outcome of Tess’s purpose in the world.

Having said all of that about Amanda Bouchet; we only gave Nightchaser 3.5 smooches.smoochies[1]smoochies[1]smoochies[1] It had nothing to do with how well the book was, but more about how we really don’t want to wait for the next book. In this case, anticipation is not a motivator. We absolutely intend to continue with the series and our review of the upcoming books will probably get higher the more of it we read. One of our members even confessed that she had not completed Nora Roberts second book in the Of Blood and Bone series, because she is waiting on the next book to come out so that she doesn’t have to be anticipating the next book for a year.

If you have read any books by Amanda Bouchet, comment below and let us know what you thought of them.  If not, pick up a copy and then comment to let us know what you think.

Next month, we are going to be pretty ambitious and will be reading 3 books: Hidden Current by Nora Roberts and the 1st two books of the Best Laid Plans series – Sure Thing and Plan B by Jana Aston.  If you have the time and the inclination, check out the books and let us know your thoughts in the comments.



November Reviews

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Hello Sugarbook Lovers,

It’s time for the recap of our monthly bookclub meeting book review.  Our meeting was postponed a week due to scheduling conflicts, but we were glad to be back together.  So let’s get right into the review.

The first book we read was a serial book (or so we want to call it), Shopping For A Billionaire by Julia Kent.  This book garnered mixed reactions for the books.  Two of us like it.  We thought it was hilarious and like several RomCom’s we’ve all seen (Something About Mary, Date Night, et. al.)  The remaining four quickly became frustrated with all of the issues that Shannon, the heroine, endured.  Really who could constantly go through what she goes through and not feel she has been cursed.  The mother seemed to ignite a negative reaction from our members who felt that she was a bit too invasive in the Shannon’s life.  Why didn’t Shannon set some boundaries with her mother?  There was a break-up between Shannon and Declan, the hero.  One reader felt that this “break” was not thoroughly hashed out.  Why didn’t Shannon get “closure” with Declan?  Why did she just let things end? It was like she just let it end.  Don’t get us wrong, there were a couple of us who liked the book and will continue on with the series.  So this book gets 2 smoochies.

The second book we read was Consumed by JR Ward.  This book also garnered mixed reviews.  For the most part everyone liked the book.  We just did not like nor understand the issues Anne, the heroine, had with her mother.  Self-righteous is a word that sticks out in this writers mind and was agreed with by other members.  We all agreed that therapy is needed by  A LOT of the characters, and the sad thing was that only one person really got it and that was the hero, Danny.  The highlight of the book in this writers opinion, was when Danny went back to the therapist and saying I’m in love with this girl and if I don’t get some therapy, I’m probably going to F-up this relationship.  We really liked the pre=quel books that led up to the first book and most of us will be continue with the series.  The series put Chicago Fire and Station 19 in mind.  We are HUGE fans of JR Ward and are glad to see something new to get hooked on.  So this book gets 3 smoochies.

Ok Sugarbook lovers, we will not be reading any books for the month of December because our group will be having a Christmas dinner out and we won’t be able to really discuss anything (although we most likely won’t be able to not talk about something that we are reading) in that setting.  We did pick out books for January.  Drum roll please……

Of Blood and Bone by Nora Roberts (Chronicles of The One #2)

Stay with Me by Alexandria House

Playing the Field by Erika Reed.

Yes!!!!  We are going to read 3 books for January!!!!  What are we thinking?  We are going to check out Erika Reed’s book at her request.  Actually she is a follower of the blog and commented that she would love to be on our roster.  So Erika-girl, hold on for your smoochies.  This is a shorter book, and we felt that we could read it with multiple books and not feel overwhelmed.  Last year we started the Chronicles of The One series and was BLOWN AWAY by that book and have been on pins and needles waiting on the next book – therefore we HAD to read it as soon as it came out.  The third book was a request by a member.  This was our thinking.  We have NOT picked out any other books for 2019, and would love suggestions.  If you have something that you feel we would enjoy, pass it on.  We can add it on to next years roster. 

Have a great holiday season everyone, love your family, and get take some time to get some quality reading done.  Finish up those Goodreads 2018 Reading Challenge.


If we had our wish…

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Have you ever read a book and enjoyed it so much that you felt, that you had to meet the author.  You had to meet the author because you just knew she (or he) had to be real cool people to write such an awesome book.

Throughout the years we have had the opportunity to meet many great authors and we have to say that most, if not all, of them have lived up to our expectations.  However, there are still a few out there that we would love to take some time out and chat with them.  We have not had the pleasure of meeting these authors due logistics.  So we are going to write up this little wish list in hopes of one day meeting them or even receiving the pleasure of a phone/Skype conversation.

1) Nora Roberts / JD Robb – Why???? Because she is AWESOME.  She has movies, and the In Death series needs to be made into a television series and if HBO or FX wants to do that for us, we can be called on for technical advice (because we really know how it should be done. Smile)

2) Laurann Dohner – This sister snuck up on us with the New Species series.  We cannot forget to mention the Zorn Warriors series also.  AND the Cyborg series.  We’re thinking all of her series.  This “in-house supervisor” sure does know she can write a book that draws you in so completely you can’t wait to get the books.

3) Shelly Laurenston – This woman can write about a shifter that is such an accurate depiction of the animal she is writing about that you know she has done her research. We know she saw “the Honey Badger don’t care” video. Smile  Her heroines are kickass, and very down to earth.  We have been searching for an event, appearance, a something so that we can laugh with her.

4) Kristen Ashley – this is a new author to us and she has spread through our bookclub like wildfire.  Not only do we like all of her work, she is an Indiana native.  Although she is now in the UK, we still would like the opportunity to have a chat with her.  If you don’t find yourself chuckling during one of her books, you aren’t human.  If you have not read any of her books, start out with the Rock Chick series and continue on.  Rock Chicks ROCK ON!!!!

5)  Kresley Cole – We’ve been reading her Immortals series, for several years now and we are so glad we found her in an anthology.  (If you don’t, you should check out some of the smaller authors in anthologies, you can find a jewel).  She makes you laugh (who knew Valkyries could be funny and fierce) and draws you in to the intense action at the same time.

6) Gena Showalter – A lot of us never thought we would be able to read books about demons and like them, but then came the Lords of the Underworld series.  Not only did she pull off demons, but she brought in angels and we really like them too. 

There are many more authors out there, Rebecca Zanetti, Donna Grant, Jayne Ann Krentz, and others.  These were just the ones that always get the same response every time we read one of their books – “I REALLY WANT TO MEET HER!”



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…in Death

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After reading enough “erotic” novels to need a mental cleansing, I decided I wanted to read something light and funny. Don’t think I only read erotic novels, I have a wide range of reading left in my TBR, although most it seems that there are a lot of paranormal novels on the list (could that be because the genre is “hot” now. I love to read about vampires, werewolves, dragons, etc.). It just seems that I’ve reviewed stories that have a lot of erotic notes to them. I did the reviews because I was excited about the books and I felt the need to give my thoughts. Also, so many people were going on and on about the fan fiction written by E.L. James like it was the very first novel of its kind and now everyone is running around buying books in the genre and comparing them to E.L. James like she was the first erotic author ever. I think I just started ranting…did I start ranting? No ranting…I apologize guys. I’ve digressed.

So, I read a couple of novels by Dakota Cassidy (part of The Accidental Friends series), these gave me a laugh when I really needed it and I have now gone on to detective stories. Now, I am not a huge fan of mysteries anymore. I read them a lot in my late teens and early twenties (I actually read Silence of the Lambs and Jurassic Park as well as most of the Mary Higgins Clarke and most of the John Grisham novels up till The Client), but I don’t read them much anymore. There is one exception to that…the JD Robb Death series. JD Robb is the pseudonym for Nora Roberts and it is only used for the Death books.

in Death

The main character of the series is Lieutenant Eve Dallas who is a homicide detective for NYPSD (New York Police and Security Department) in the mid-21st century. There are very human-like droids, flying cars, lots of interplanetary travel and living, and all kinds of technological advanced gadgets. Eve Dallas was found in an alley in Dallas bleeding, beaten with broken bones and without memory of her circumstances when she was eight. Social Services named her Eve after the first woman on earth and Dallas for the location where she was found. When the series begins Eve is very much a loner with the exception of her very close friend, Mavis. As the series progresses Eve acquires more friends, a husband in the form of multi-billionaire, Roarke (who was a suspect in the first book), a fat cat, Gallahan, the butler – Sumerset, whom she inherited when she married Roarke and is also her verbal sparring partner, and a gaggle of acquired friends that she never meant to have, but now doesn’t know what she would do without them (although she would reluctantly tell them so). The best thing about this series is the mystery and the characters. There are a total of 45 novels in the series eight of which are actually novellas. They always pick up within a week, sometimes days of the last book. I just finished New York to Dallas. This is one of the first full books that did not end with in Death. This book had been out for quite a while – the in Death books come out twice a year in February and September and this book came out in September 2011. Why did it take me so long to read a book that is part of a series that I love so much you ask?

I took some time away from the series because I knew this book would have a lot of information about Eve’s past that had the potential to take me on an emotional rollercoaster ride. It did not disappoint. I had started this book once before last summer but had to put it down after the first 20 pages because it began so intense and I found I didn’t want that intensity at the time. This time I set out to soldier through it all. I have said numerous times that I don’t give spoilers, but I think I can give this tidbit without giving the story away. Eve had to go to Dallas to apprehend a suspect who had escaped from prison. This “person” was a pedophile, murderer, and rapist and he had fled to Dallas hoping to trip up Eve because he knew that she was originally from Dallas and she had a very rocky start there. The emotional ride came when Eve had to deal with the memories of her mother. From previous books, we know that Eve’s father was a sick person who abused her until she killed him (in self-defense) when she was eight. We had never known anything about her mother. In this book we learn more about who she was.

The thing about these books are that you really fall in love with Eve and her kick-ass approach to her job and life, but also the vulnerability that comes out when you least expect it. In this book I knew I was going to see major vulnerability, I just didn’t know how it would affect me. Along with Eve’s vulnerability came Roarke’s awesome compassion, understanding and his need to protect. Even when he wanted to help, he knew he had to allow her to deal with some of it her own way. Only when he saw the cracks in the façade she held for everyone else did he step forward and bring in the reinforcements that she needed even when she didn’t know she needed it. Can you love a hero more?

I probably shouldn’t have reviewed this book being that it is the 33rd book in the series, but I ask you not to think of it as a review (because I really didn’t review the book), but as a recommendation. I’m recommended the in Death series to everyone. The series is so good my good friend and I have said on many occasions that we should petition HBO, FX, or some other cable network to make it into a television series. But then we (fans that I know) inevitably begin to argue about who would be best suited to play the characters.  Smile 

So go out and get them folks…start reading it today and let me know what you think. 

P.S. I will also be posting this on my book clubs website.  If you are seeing this post there, come over and check me out at Red Oven Creations, I’d love for you to join me.