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This is an older post that got lost in the archives that we decided to bring out.  We know that Outlander is a HUGE phenomenon; and wanted to put this post out that gave our thoughts before it happened.  Enjoy.

With the start of Outlander, by Diana Gabaldon, on Starz recently, the discussion of the epic novel has returned in our book club. In the past, there have been many opinions about this really long novel. Most of our members have read the book and enjoyed it to some degree.  This contributor has not read the book and will not be reading it.  I also have not watched the series on Starz although the remaining members are watching it.  One of our members decided to read (or have her Kindle read to her) the epic because she wanted to know the story as she watched it on television.

In our last meeting she asked why I wasn’t interested in reading or watching it and (spoiler alert if you have not read the book) I replied that I did not like the fact that Jamie was violated in the worst way (raped) by the bad guy in the story.  I don’t know many character names because I didn’t read it, but the discussion over years has always left Jamie’s name prominent in my mind and the fact that he was violated at his own surrender.  He was said to have done this to save the heroine, Claire.  It was a sacrifice.  My opinion is that it tarnished some of the alpha-ness of the hero (Jamie) to me.

Some may argue that there were other hero’s who have been violated that I still loved; Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Styxx for example.  But let me say that Styxx was always attached, drugged and raped typically when he was a young man; and when his opportunity  presented itself, he KILLED the person that was raping him.  Jamie turned himself in to be raped to save Claire and i don’t think he killed his assailant right away; this was an epic after all.

Of course knowing that the violation occurred in the book, there was great discussion about whether it was going to be shown or discussed on the show.  The member who just read the book said that she was going to not be able to view that scene if so because she really loves Jamie and doesn’t want to have that happen to him.  There were emails sent back and forth about it and Bertlyn, our staunch Outlander fan and supporter had this to say about it.

“I love this series and I watched every minute of everything.  It’s real life that you know has a HEA in the end.  Real life sucks and then it doesn’t you have to go through things and keep moving.  To me that’s what its all about.  Everyone doesn’t have it so bad but some do it’s another perspective on life may not be yours, pray that its not, but you best to believe that its someone’s. Life sucks but you keep on pressing on to the ed an that’s what they do.  Don’t think they will show the actual rape because it was never shown in the book, just Jamie reliving it in telling it to Claire and not in great detail just that it happened.  It’s also about sick love, he loved Jamie and wanted his love in return.  People do crazy things in the name of love but true love wins in the end.”

What are your thoughts?  Are you currently watching Outlander on Starz?

Reflected in You

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Reflected in You


I should have written this review about four months ago when I first read this book and I apologize for not doing so. In my defense, I’ve been busy and reading a ton of stuff.   Someone mentioned that I seem to review the books from this series and not many others.  I chose to continue to review this series because: 1) I reviewed the first book and since I’m reading them all it made sense to review them all; and 2) it seems that lately the BDSM millionaire/commoner (I know that’s not the right word to use but oh well) genre seems to be hot right now and why not give my opinion on something other than Fifty Shades.  I mean someone may actually open up their mind to something other than what is trending in the media and fall in love with another author they may not have explored without my review.  BUT…I’m digressing…I’m getting off my soapbox right now and writing my review.

I read the second book in the Crossfire Series as soon as it came out. I really enjoyed the first book and was extremely curious about the characters and where they were going to go.

The second book, Reflected in You, delves further into the relationship between Gideon and Eve. This book picks up right where the last book (Bared to You) ended. Gideon and Eve are committed to making their relationship work. When the issues that they suffer from (Eve’s insecurity and Gideon’s violent nightmares) threaten to tear the relationship apart, they commit to therapy. I really love their commitment to the relationship, it lets the reader know that although it is a very sexually charged relationship, it is not based upon just sex alone. They have feelings for one another. During one of the therapy sessions after a particularly violent dream by Gideon that also coincided with a nightmare that Eve was having about her past abuse; the therapist suggested that they stop sleeping together and date only to allow the relationship to grow. Gideon and Eve both said that wasn’t an option.

I don’t want to tell the story, because I’m not one to give spoilers. There were two things in the book that were really frustrating to me. Early on in this book, Eve is invited to a concert by her friend who is also the sister of her supervisors partner. Her friend has four tickets and her boyfriend is out of town, so Gideon invites a friend so that it will be an equal four. Now this is Eve’s first time meeting anyone that remotely resembles a friend to Gideon, you’d think she would be on her best behavior. You would be thinking wrong. It turned out that the lead singer was an “ex-boyfriend” and she didn’t reveal it to Gideon once she realizes it, nor did she react properly when she came in contact with her “ex”. Again, I don’t give spoilers, but you will be shaking your head saying, “girl you know you wrong for that.”

Gideon and Eve get over that hurdle and just when everything seems to be going smoothly for Gideon and Eve, Gideon starts acting flukery. He starts blowing Eve off, he’s being seen with his ex-girlfriend, just making stupid relationship mistakes. You are thinking to yourself as your reading…”Man what are you doing? Are you having commitment issues?” You get to a point where you can’t stand Gideon because he is acting like an ass and his only excuse to Eve is “trust me”. You are screaming at the book, “trust me, trust me what do you mean trust me?” I have to give a big thumbs up to the reactions of Eve. She did not sit around wallowing and acting like her world was going to end if Gideon didn’t start acting right. Of course there was a response…she did cry over it and do some yelling and accusations thrown, but once it seemed that he just wasn’t going to do right,; she made up her mind to let it go. Even when Gideon started yelling her to trust him, she didn’t fall for it. It is not until the end of the book that she understood Gideon’s actions and you want to high five him and you are left saying he is a true “ride or die” dude. The last couple of pages of the book left me with my mouth hanging open wand then I wanted to pump my fist in the air and yell, “YEAH!”

So that’s my take on Reflected in You.  I LOVE LOVE LOVED the book.  It was a great follow-up to the first and again I’m anxiously awaiting the third.  I will try to review other books that I read.  If you missed my post about my favorite genre check it out here.  This will let you know that I read a lot of romance.  BUT these are not the romance books of old, they actually have plots beyond the Millionaires Baby (sorry Harlequin Sad smile) and if you can name me one movie that does not have a romantic scene in it (or just a scene where someone is getting kissed) then I will admit admit something.  I don’t know what I’ll admit, because I don’t think there isn’t anything out there.  I watch all types of movies, action, comedy, musicals, independents, Sundance, even some documentaries; I don’t watch horror because I’m a chicken-butt, but everything I watch, and they all have romance so DON’T KNOCK ROMANCE NOVELS.


Sugarbook Club Meeting March 8, 2011

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March 8, 2011
When: 6 – 8

Book for discussion: Master of Smoke by Angela Knight

Where: College Avenue Library
4180 N. College Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46205
317-275-4320 ext. 3
ask for Michelline Brandon