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Hello Sugarbook Lovers,

It’s time for the recap of our monthly bookclub meeting book review.  Our meeting was postponed a week due to scheduling conflicts, but we were glad to be back together.  So let’s get right into the review.

The first book we read was a serial book (or so we want to call it), Shopping For A Billionaire by Julia Kent.  This book garnered mixed reactions for the books.  Two of us like it.  We thought it was hilarious and like several RomCom’s we’ve all seen (Something About Mary, Date Night, et. al.)  The remaining four quickly became frustrated with all of the issues that Shannon, the heroine, endured.  Really who could constantly go through what she goes through and not feel she has been cursed.  The mother seemed to ignite a negative reaction from our members who felt that she was a bit too invasive in the Shannon’s life.  Why didn’t Shannon set some boundaries with her mother?  There was a break-up between Shannon and Declan, the hero.  One reader felt that this “break” was not thoroughly hashed out.  Why didn’t Shannon get “closure” with Declan?  Why did she just let things end? It was like she just let it end.  Don’t get us wrong, there were a couple of us who liked the book and will continue on with the series.  So this book gets 2 smoochies.

The second book we read was Consumed by JR Ward.  This book also garnered mixed reviews.  For the most part everyone liked the book.  We just did not like nor understand the issues Anne, the heroine, had with her mother.  Self-righteous is a word that sticks out in this writers mind and was agreed with by other members.  We all agreed that therapy is needed by  A LOT of the characters, and the sad thing was that only one person really got it and that was the hero, Danny.  The highlight of the book in this writers opinion, was when Danny went back to the therapist and saying I’m in love with this girl and if I don’t get some therapy, I’m probably going to F-up this relationship.  We really liked the pre=quel books that led up to the first book and most of us will be continue with the series.  The series put Chicago Fire and Station 19 in mind.  We are HUGE fans of JR Ward and are glad to see something new to get hooked on.  So this book gets 3 smoochies.

Ok Sugarbook lovers, we will not be reading any books for the month of December because our group will be having a Christmas dinner out and we won’t be able to really discuss anything (although we most likely won’t be able to not talk about something that we are reading) in that setting.  We did pick out books for January.  Drum roll please……

Of Blood and Bone by Nora Roberts (Chronicles of The One #2)

Stay with Me by Alexandria House

Playing the Field by Erika Reed.

Yes!!!!  We are going to read 3 books for January!!!!  What are we thinking?  We are going to check out Erika Reed’s book at her request.  Actually she is a follower of the blog and commented that she would love to be on our roster.  So Erika-girl, hold on for your smoochies.  This is a shorter book, and we felt that we could read it with multiple books and not feel overwhelmed.  Last year we started the Chronicles of The One series and was BLOWN AWAY by that book and have been on pins and needles waiting on the next book – therefore we HAD to read it as soon as it came out.  The third book was a request by a member.  This was our thinking.  We have NOT picked out any other books for 2019, and would love suggestions.  If you have something that you feel we would enjoy, pass it on.  We can add it on to next years roster. 

Have a great holiday season everyone, love your family, and get take some time to get some quality reading done.  Finish up those Goodreads 2018 Reading Challenge.


Lori Foster Anyone?

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It’s that time of year again.  Time for the Lori Foster Reader/Author Appreciation weekend.  We loaded up and headed to West Chester, OH across the highway from IKEA to spend time with fellow readers and many of our favorite authors.  This year was especially wonderful for us because TATUM flew in from Mississippi to hang with us.

Friday was registration and they had some books signing to keep the amount of traffic down at Saturdays book signing.  We had a chance to sit down and talk with our homegirl, Shiloh Walker.  She recommended one of her new pieces of work, Bound Temptations, (which I purchased at the book signing, I’ll have to give everyone my review when I finish it.  It’s supposed to be steamy.  Better than Fifty Shades. Winking smile).

Saturday we attended some really great workshops.  Our favorite was the workshop on “How to Have a Bookclub”.  Although Sugarbooks has been in existence for the past 6 years, our membership has not expanded the way we would like, and this workshop was full or helpful advice that we are just bursting at the seams to implement.  The ladies from “Fresh Fiction” facilitated the workshop and had some awesome advice.  Thank you ladies. Smile

Along with the workshop we had the opportunity to sit with different authors for the “Speed Chatting” sessions.  You get 20 minutes to sit and talk with an author(s) about the latest works, their writing technique, and anything else you get the opportunity or nerve to ask.  This year we seat down with Carly Phillips

183and Jill Shalvis .



We also had the opportunity to talk with Sherrilyn Kenyon about the upcoming movie and television series based upon the characters from her Dark Hunter book series and The Chronicles of Nick.


The movie is scheduled to begin filming next spring.  Our members are eagerly anticipating this project and pray that the actors picked for the characters are all that we imagined them to be.  Go team Kenyon.  We also talked shoes (check out the ones she had on….I just fell in love with them, shoe lover that I am),


and TV shows we love and tons more things.  Man, Sherrilyn is a hoot and we truly enjoyed chatting with her (I think we went over the allotted 20 minutes, but we were the last group before lunch so no one noticed. Winking smile)


Ramona had the opportunity to meet one of her favorite authors, Cheryl Dragon author of the “Cat Star Chronicles”.


The circumstance of the chance meeting will be one that we will laugh about for years to come, but unfortunately is not something that we cannot mention on this site. Surprised smile

Of course you cannot mention a Lori Foster convention without saying something about the abundance of raffle baskets (I believe there were 180 this year).  The proceeds for the raffle goes to One Way Farms charity.     This year three of us came away with prizes, Ramona one the biggest prize (size-wise) again.


We told her she is not allowed to try for any of the big prizes next year; the prizes are getting to be bigger than she is.

Tatum came away with a wonderful Pride and Prejudice prize.


And Bertlyn won a prize while she was volunteering for the raffle committee. Smile  It’s really great to participate in the raffles; but a few of us are feeling a little frustrated with the participates that stack the odds.  It’s not fun when you hear the same names being called year-after-year, prize-after-prize.  Since we know it is all about the charity (One Way Farms) some of us have learned that we spend our funds on a  charitable donation limit and if we win, that’s great, if not then we don’t have “rafflers remorse”.

Did we mention the games that we participated in?  No…well Friday night we played Pictionary.  Personally, I’ve never really played this game and I have to say that it was fun.  When you are one of the ones guessing you can always think of what the person “should have” drawn; but when you are faced with the drawing you find it’s not as easy as you think.  I think Tish found this out first hand, as she stalled.  Tatum did pretty good don’t you think?


This writer had to do “First Kiss”, I got this far before it was figured out.  What do you think?


Saturday we played “Two Truths and A Lie”.  In this version, we had to listen to the authors read three scenes from various stories and determine which two were actual scenes and which one was a fake.  From this we found some authors whose works we want to take a closer look at.

This author was reading some of his work (he had great inflection and read the sections they way that we read them in our heads – or at least how I read them in my head)


Anyway…the event was great fun  our gracious host did a wonderful job once again.  Big props to Lori Foster


and Duffy Brown (can’t believe we didn’t get a shot of her…as many times as we talked to her…next year for sure).

We walked away having had a great time bonding with fellow readers and authors; we came back with some great ideas on how to take Sugarbooks to another level; we were able to meet some authors we were fans of and had not had the opportunity to meet yet; and had a great time bonding as a group again.  We’ll be attending again next year and hopefully be bringing more members with us along and maybe selling our signature SMUT t-shirts.

Romance Novels = Sexy Magical Unforgettable Tales.  Have you had your SMUT today?